Scott Turow, Author of “One L” and NYTimes Best Selling Author

scott turow croppedToday, my guest is Scott Turow, a lawyer and author of the best selling book One L about his experience as a first year student at Harvard Law School; as well as the author of ten best-selling works of fiction, including his first novel Presumed Innocent, which was made into a movie with Academy Award Nominee Harrison Ford.  one lOriginally from Chicago, Scott has a degree from Amherst College and taught creative writing at Stanford as the E. H. Jones Lecturer before entering Harvard Law School where he graduated with honors in 1978. Mr. Turow’s books have won a number of literary awards, including the Heartland Prize in 2003 for Reversible Errors, the Robert F. Kennedy Book Award in 2004 for Ultimate Punishment and Time Magazine’s Best Work of Fiction in 1999 for Personal Injuries. His latest book is Testimony which Jeffrey Toobin says “is Scott Turow’s most ambitious and complex work—which takes us from the gritty familiarity of his beloved Kindle County into a mysterious world of international intrigue. It’s the best kind of thriller, one that stimulates the mind as well as thrilling the heart.”


Scott Turow in conversation Dustin Hoffman from Ted Habte-Gabr on Vimeo.


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