Scott Shafer, KQED Host and Reporter

Today, my guest is Scott Shafer, Senior Editor of the California Politics and Government Desk at KQED, where he leads the editorial direction of a three-person team covering the state. Since joining KQED in 1998, Scott has covered stories for National Public Radio programs including All Things ConsideredMorning EditionWeekend Edition Saturday and Weekend Edition Sunday and most recently, he hosted The California Report’s 30-minute weekly news magazine. Scott has earned numerous awards for his political reporting and he was a member of the panel of journalists that questioned candidates in the televised 2010 U.S. Senate debate between Barbara Boxer and Carly Fiorina. Scott has hosted live statewide coverage of election night and State of the State Addresses every year since 1998. Prior to joining KQED, Scott was press secretary to San Francisco Mayor Art Agnos and Chief of Staff to Controller Gray Davis.


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