Paul Goldstein, Stanford Law School Professor and Author

Goldstein_Paul-400x400Today my guest is Stanford Law School Professor Paul Goldstein, a globally recognized expert on intellectual property law and author of an influential four-volume Goldstein on Copyright (Aspen Publishers) treatise on U.S. copyright law, as well as leading casebooks on intellectual property and international intellectual property.  downloadIn addition, he is the author of several novels including Secret Justice (2016); the bestsellers Errors and Omissions (2006), A Patent Lie (2008), Havana Requiem (2012), which received the 2013 Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction; and his most recent book, Legal Asylum: A Comedy which is being released in February 2017. As a fellow graduate of Columbia Law School, it was a distinct pleasure to see Paul being awarded the The Distinguished Columbian in Teaching Award by Columbia Law School Dean Gilian Lester.




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