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  • Wayne Brown (Quest Diagnostics) and Chess

    Wayne Brown (Quest Diagnostics) and Chess

    Today, my guest is Wayne Brown, Deputy General Counsel and Chief Intellectual Property Officer at Quest Diagnostics, who is a tournament chess player.  Wayne has a chess rating of “Expert” (top 5-10% of all tournament players) and has played competitive chess his entire life – in fact, he cannot remember a time when he did not know how to move the chess pieces.  Wayne discusses his lifelong passion for chess, including his favorite chess openings and how he started beating his dad when he […]

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  • Shane Glynn (Google) and Base Jumping

    Shane Glynn (Google) and Base Jumping

    Today, my guest is Shane Glynn*, Product Counsel at Google, who is a base jumper.  After learning how to parachute out of an airplane, he tried base jumping (which is the subject of an excellent documentary movie Sunshine Superman) off a bridge and instantly became hooked.  But despite the thrill of base jumping off cliffs with wingsuits and all, he decided to retire last year at the ripe old age of 36 and returned to the calm sport of skydiving! […]

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  • Michael Moore (Rambus) and Pheasant Hunting

    Michael Moore (Rambus) and Pheasant Hunting

    Today, my guest is Michael Moore*, Vice President of Intellectual Property and Deputy General Counsel at Rambus, who talks about pheasant hunting.  Originally from a rural part of Ireland, Michael finds hunting to be a pleasant way of enjoying the outdoors with his dogs.  Michael has also taken me to trap shooting and it is not as easy as it looks! *with special thanks to Alan Seem

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  • Robert Lattuga (LeapFrog) and Woodworking (Pilot)

    Robert Lattuga (LeapFrog) and Woodworking (Pilot)

    On my inaugural show, my guest is Robert Lattuga, Sr. Vice President and General Counsel of LeapFrog Enterprises. A former Harvard physics Ph.D. student, Robert shares his passion in woodworking, a hobby which requires the skills to operate large power tools as well as the dexterity of hand craftsmanship.

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