Hsu Untied Interviews

  • Jason Zweig, Columnist at The Wall Street Journal

    Jason Zweig, Columnist at The Wall Street Journal

    Today, my guest is Jason Zweig*, a personal finance columnist for The Wall Street Journal and author of several books, including The Devil’s Financial Dictionary.  He is also the editor of the revised edition of Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor, the classic text that Warren Buffett has described as “by far the best book about investing ever written.”  Inspired by Ambrose Bierce’s satirical masterpiece, The Devil’s Dictionary, Jason Zweig’s The Devil’s Financial Dictionary is a glossary of the essential financial and investor terms […]

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  • Nolan Bushnell, Founder of Atari

    Nolan Bushnell, Founder of Atari

    Today, my guest is Nolan Bushnell, a technology pioneer, entrepreneur and engineer who is best known as the founder of Atari Corporation and Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theater.  Over the past four decades, he has founded numerous companies, including Catalyst Technologies, the first technology incubator; Etak, the first digital navigation system; ByVideo, the first online ordering system; and uWink, the first touchscreen menu ordering and entertainment system. His newest company is Brainrush, where he is devoting his talents to enhancing and […]

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  • Anja Manuel, co-Founder of Rice Hadley Gates LLC

    Anja Manuel, co-Founder of Rice Hadley Gates LLC

    Today, my guest is Anja Manuel*, author of “This Brave New World” and Co-Founder and Partner along with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley and former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, of Rice Hadley Gates LLC, which assists companies to expand their businesses and meet regulatory challenges in international markets. A graduate of Harvard Law School and Stanford University, she also served as Special Assistant to Under-Secretary for Political Affairs Nicholas Burns at the U.S. Dept. of […]

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  • Strauss Zelnick, Chairman & CEO of Take-Two Interactive

    Strauss Zelnick, Chairman & CEO of Take-Two Interactive

    Today my guest is Strauss Zelnick*, Founder of Zelnick Media Capital and Chairman & CEO of Take-Two Interactive, which owns and has published many notable games, including its most famous series Grand Theft Auto, Civilization, and the NBA 2K game series.  Although Mr. Zelnick has a JD from Harvard Law School, he never practiced as a lawyer and instead went straight into the media and entertainment business, holding executive positions at BMG Entertainment, Crystal Dynamics and 20th Century Fox.  A lifelong […]

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  • International Chef Ming Tsai and Family Reach

    International Chef Ming Tsai and Family Reach

    Today, my guest is Chef Ming Tsai, a world-renowned chef, owner of the famous Blue Ginger restaurant and host of the television show Simply Ming.  Despite his incredible success and international celebrity, what Ming finds most rewarding — after his family — is cooking for Family Reach, a national charity dedicated to providing direct financial support to families fighting cancer.  As part of his role, Ming recently hosted a Cooking Live event on November 2, 2015 at the Ritz Carlton Battery Park, […]

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  • Catalina Girald, Founder & CEO of Naja

    Catalina Girald, Founder & CEO of Naja

    Today, my guest is Catalina Girald, who is the Founder, CEO, and Creative Director of Naja.  Although she started her career as an M&A attorney at Skadden Arps after earning her JD from Boston College, she quit her job after getting accepted into Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.  After graduating with her MBA, Catalina started Naja with the goal of empowering women through lingerie — from the wearer to the garment worker.  She is also the founder of Underwear for Hope, a […]

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  • Greg “Fossilman” Raymer, Professional Poker Player

    Greg “Fossilman” Raymer, Professional Poker Player

    Today, my guest is Greg “Fossilman” Raymer*, a professional poker player and former patent attorney. Nicknamed “Fossilman” for his unusual glasses, Greg was originally a scientist who played blackjack in graduate school as a way to make some extra income. That soon turned into poker and he went on to win the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2004 (see his winning hand below).  Now he splits his time with his 2 great loves: teaching poker and playing poker from his […]

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  • Brad Meltzer, NYTimes Best Selling Author and TV Show Host

    Brad Meltzer, NYTimes Best Selling Author and TV Show Host

    Today my guest is Brad Meltzer, a New York Times best-selling author, host of the TV show Decoded and fellow Columbia Law School Alumni.  Brad’s first novel received 24 rejection letters before getting his next book, The Tenth Justice, published while he was still in law school.  But even with all his accomplishments, Brad never takes his success for granted and  reminds himself every day what it was like getting those rejection letters.  His latest book is The President’s Shadow.

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  • Stephen L. Carter is the William Nelson Cromwell professor of law at Yale. He has previously written four novels and several works of nonfiction.

    Stephen L. Carter, Yale Law School Professor and Author

    Today, my guest is Professor Stephen L. Carter, the William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Law at Yale, where he has taught for almost thirty years. A graduate of Stanford University and Yale Law School, where he was a Notes Editor of the Yale Law Journal, he then served as a law clerk for Judge Spottswood W. Robinson III on the DC Circuit, and then to Justice Thurgood Marshall of the US Supreme Court.  Professor Carter was one of my favorite authors even […]

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  • Paul Goldstein, Stanford Law School Professor and Author

    Paul Goldstein, Stanford Law School Professor and Author

    Today my guest is Stanford Law School Professor Paul Goldstein, a globally recognized expert on intellectual property law and author of an influential four-volume Goldstein on Copyright (Aspen Publishers) treatise on U.S. copyright law, as well as leading casebooks on intellectual property and international intellectual property.  In addition, he is the author of several novels including Secret Justice (2016); the bestsellers Errors and Omissions (2006), A Patent Lie (2008), Havana Requiem (2012), which received the 2013 Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction; and […]

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  • Bryan Garner on interviewing Supreme Court Justices

    Bryan Garner on interviewing Supreme Court Justices

    Today, my guest is Bryan Garner, Founder & President of LawProse, Inc. and Professor of Law at Southern Methodist University School of Law, who has personally interviewed 9 Supreme Court Justices on writing and oral advocacy: Justices Elena Kagan, John Roberts, John Paul Stevens,  Antonin Scalia, Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer and Samuel Alito. In addition, Professor Garner is the co-author of 2 books with the late Justice Scalia: Making Your Case: The Art of Persuading Judges and Reading Law: The Interpretation of Legal […]

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  • Joseph A. Grundfest, Stanford Law School Professor

    Joseph A. Grundfest, Stanford Law School Professor

    Today, my guest is Professor Joseph A. Grundfest, the W. A. Franke Professor of Law and Business at Stanford Law School and Senior Faculty, Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford University. Before joining the Stanford Law School faculty in 1990, Professor Grundfest was a commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission, and served on the staff of the President’s Council of Economic Advisors as counsel and senior economist for legal and regulatory matters.  Professor Grundfest is also a co-founder and director […]

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  • David Hornik, Partner at August Capital

    David Hornik, Partner at August Capital

    Today, my guest is David Hornik, general partner at August Capital and author of VentureBlog, who describes his career path from lawyer to venture capitalist, a profession he was born to do. David inspired me to start this interview series with his own VentureCast podcast and if you have ever heard him speak or present, then you would certainly agree  that if he ever decided to leave venture capital, he would make a great late night talk show host! “@HsuTubeEsq: http://t.co/lMjzkOUYAW […]

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  • Len Elmore, Retired NBA Basketball Player

    Len Elmore, Retired NBA Basketball Player

    Today, my guest is Len Elmore, an All-American basketball player from 1971 to 1974 at the University of Maryland, who was a first round draft pick in both the American Basketball Association (ABA) and the National Basketball Association (NBA).  Over his ten-year career, he played for the Indiana Pacers, Kansas City Kings (presently Sacramento Kings), Milwaukee Bucks, New Jersey Nets and New York Knicks.  After retiring from professional basketball, Elmore received a J.D. from Harvard Law School in 1987 and began his law career […]

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  • Tom Mendoza, Vice Chairman of NetApp

    Tom Mendoza, Vice Chairman of NetApp

    Today, my guest is Tom Mendoza, Vice Chairman of NetApp.  Tom joined NetApp, Inc. in 1994 as employee number 32 and went on to serve as its President from 2000 until 2008 until he was promoted to Vice Chairman.  In September 2000, the University of Notre Dame renamed their business school the Mendoza College of Business based upon a generous endowment from Tom and Kathy Mendoza.  Mr. Mendoza has also been the keynote speaker for such diverse companies as Oracle Corporation, Veritas, […]

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  • Frank Wu (UC Hastings) and “Honda Hawks”

    Frank Wu (UC Hastings) and “Honda Hawks”

    Today, my guest is Frank Wu, Chancellor and Dean of UC Hastings Law School, who has a passion for “Honda Hawks,” a very specific type of motorcycle that was only made by Honda from 1988-1992.  Although he recognizes the danger of motorcycle riding, he does not actually consider himself a risk taker by nature, but he does admit that riding a motorcycle is no more of a risk-taking venture than trying to be a dean of a national law school. […]

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  • Keith Wetmore, Chairman Emeritus, MoFo

    Keith Wetmore, Chairman Emeritus, MoFo

    Today, my guest is Keith Wetmore, a Partner and former Chairman of Morrison & Foerster from 2000-2012.  During his tenure, the firm expanded internationally and domestically in key financial and technology centers, and was ranked on The American Lawyer A-List 9 consecutive years.  Before becoming Chair, Mr. Wetmore led the firm’s 50-lawyer Finance and Infrastructure practice, bringing to his engagements 20 years’ experience in debt and lease finance, both domestic and international.  Keith holds a law degree from the University of […]

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  • Mitchell Zuklie, Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe chairman

    Mitch Zuklie, Global Chairman and CEO of Orrick

    Today, my guest is a long time colleague from Venture Law Group, Mitch Zuklie, who is currently Global Chairman and CEO of Orrick.  Mitch is a trusted business and legal advisor who has completed literally hundreds of venture capital financings and numerous public offerings, mergers, acquisitions and licensing transactions. His successful clients have included Nest Labs ($3.2 billion sale to Google), Goodreads (sold to Amazon), Planet Labs, Nanosolar, eHarmony, Royal Dutch Shell, Kleiner Perkins, Benchmark Capital, Pandora, Oracle, Goldman Sachs, Martha Stewart […]

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  • Michael J. Halloran, Legendary Silicon Valley Attorney

    Michael J. Halloran, Legendary Silicon Valley Attorney

    Today, my guest is Michael J. Halloran, a legendary Silicon Valley lawyer and founding Partner of Halloran, Farkas and Kattila LLP, who had spent most of his privacy practice career at Pillsbury Winthrop. From 2006-2008, Mr. Halloran served as Counselor to the Chairman and Deputy Chief of Staff at the Securities and Exchange Commission where he advised on investor protection and capital formation and acted as the Chairman’s chief legal counsel. From 1990-1996, he was EVP and General Counsel for Bank of America, […]

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  • Stephen D. Susman

    Steve Susman, Chairman and Founder, Susman Godfrey

    Today, my guest is Steve Susman, a former Supreme Court Clerk (to Hugo Black) and Founding Partner of Susman Godfrey.  At the age of 68, Steve challenged himself to make his first long distance bike ride by entering into MS150, the largest bike ride supporting multiple sclerosis in the country.  Hiring a personal trainer and training in Central Park in the dead of winter, Steve not only successfully completed the race, he later became the largest fundraiser and got to wear “#1” on his bike […]

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  • Nathan Sawaya and Lego Brick Artist

    Nathan Sawaya and Lego Brick Artist

    Today, my guest is Nathan Sawaya who is a Lego Brick Artist.  What started as a side hobby after working as a lawyer has now blossomed into a full time profession with millions of bricks.  Even though Nathan has played with lego bricks as a child – like many of us – what he finds most fascinating is to transform simple plain square lego pieces into curved life size humans and other objects. Nathan’s most recent book is entitled The Art of the […]

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  • Yul Kwon (Facebook) and Survivor Winner

    Yul Kwon (Facebook) and Survivor Winner

    Today, my guest is Yul Kwon*, Head of Privacy Program at Facebook.  Yul is most well known for being the winner of the CBS TV show Survivor but he has a number of incredible achievements: degrees from Stanford, Yale Law School, legislative assistant to Senator Lieberman, Second Circuit Law Clerk, McKinsey, Google, FCC, FBI, CNN — and all before the age of 40.  What’s even more incredible is that Yul self-classifies himself as an introvert — perhaps even a bit of […]

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  • Rodney Gilmore, ESPN College Football Analyst

    Rodney Gilmore, ESPN College Football Analyst

    Today, my guest is Rodney Gilmore, a college football analyst for ESPN and practicing lawyer at the law firm of Doty Barlow Britt & Thieman LLP.  He is a graduate of Stanford University, where he played football for three years under legendary Coach Bill Walsh, and received his JD from the University of California, Berkeley. While at Stanford, he was involved in The Play (see video below), a legendary last-second kickoff return by the University of California (“Cal”) Golden Bears to defeat Stanford in […]

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  • Richard Susskind, Author and Speaker

    Richard Susskind, Author and Speaker

    Today, my guest is Dr. Richard Susskind, an author, speaker and thought leader in the legal profession.  He has written 4 books about the practice of law, including The Future of Law, Transforming the Law, The End of Lawyers? and most recently Tomorrow’s Lawyers.  He is as good a speaker as he is a profound thinker and it was a privilege to have him join me for this interview from his home in Radlett, England. Here is a recorded interview about […]

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  • William Green, Author of “The Great Minds of Investing”

    William Green, Author of “The Great Minds of Investing”

    Today, my guest is William Green*, author of The Great Minds of Investing where he interviews 33 of the greatest investors, including Irving Kahn, Marty Whitman, Charles Brandes, Thomas Gayner, Bruce Greenwald, Paul Tudor Jones, Bill Miller, Arnold Van Den Berg, Thomas Russo, Francisco García Paramés, Pat Dorsey, Wallace Weitz, Isabel Levy, Warren Buffett, Mohnish Pabrai, John Spears, David Winters, Howard Marks, Donald Yacktman, Georg von Wyss, François-Marie Wojcik, Vincent Strauss, Bill Nygren, Mario Gabelli, Klaus Kaldemorgen, Thomas Braun, Jean-Marie Eveillard, Joel Greenblatt, Bill Ackman, Mason Hawkins, Frank Lingohr, Francis Chou and Charlie Munger.  William Green wrote 22 of the profiles and edited 11 of them. After interviewing many of these extraordinary investors in […]

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  • Bill Grundfest, TV Producer and Scriptwriter

    Bill Grundfest, TV Producer and Scriptwriter

    Today, my guest is Emmy Award nominee and Golden Globe Award winning writer-producer Bill Grundfest.  Among his many accomplishments, he was the co-producer (along with Paul Reiser), script writer, and supervising producer of the hit show Mad About You (which has recently been adapted for China by SONY Pictures TV), which went on to win a Golden Globe Award, a Peabody Award, receive five Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Comedy Series, and be chosen Best Quality Comedy by the Viewers for Quality […]

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  • Rodney Perkins, M.D., Surgeon, Inventor, Entrepreneur

    Rodney Perkins, M.D., Surgeon, Inventor, Entrepreneur

    Today, my guest is Rodney Perkins, M.D., an internationally known otologic surgeon and serial entrepreneur who has successfully launched numerous medical device and healthcare technology companies including ReSound Corp, Laserscope (acquired by American Medical Systems), Collagen Corp (acquired by Inamed), Sound ID, Novacept (acquired by Cytyc), SurgRx (acquired by Ethicon), DFin (acquired by Merit Medical), Pulmonx, Cohesion (acquired by Angiotech) and his most recent companies, Ear Lens and ProCept.  Dr. Perkins founded the California Ear Institute and is a Clinical Professor of Surgery […]

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  • Thomas J. Fogarty, M.D., Surgeon, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Vintner

    Thomas J. Fogarty, M.D., Surgeon, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Vintner

    Today, my guest is Dr. Thomas J. Fogarty, an internationally recognized cardiovascular surgeon, inventor, entrepreneur and vintner. He has dedicated his entire career to improving patient care and has acquired 165 medical patents for his revolutionary work, including the “industry standard” Fogarty balloon catheter and is widely considered one of pioneers of minimally-invasive surgery. Dr. Fogarty has been recognized by countless organizations for his contributions to medical science, including the National Medal of Technology and Innovation, an honor granted by the […]

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  • Henry Bushkin, Author of “Johnny Carson”

    Henry Bushkin, Author of “Johnny Carson”

    Today, my guest is Henry Bushkin, who was Johnny Carson’s lawyer, business manager, advisor, confidante and author of the book Johnny Carson.  I sat down with Henry in his apartment on the Upper East Side to talk about what it was like to work for the “King of Late Night” for 18 years and to write a book about it 25 years later.  It took him over 3 years just to “get the voice right” in the book but despite having […]

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  • Kelly Perdew and Apprentice 2 Winner

    Kelly Perdew and Apprentice 2 Winner

    Today, my guest is Kelly Perdew, entrepreneur, investor, advisor, author and winner of The Apprentice 2. A graduate of West Point and former Army Ranger, Kelly decided to start a company after law school and eventually won Season 2 of the television reality show “The Apprentice” with Donald Trump. Even though he now works almost exclusively with startups as an investor and entrepreneur, he says not a day goes by where he doesn’t get a chance to use his law […]

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  • Dr. Pippa Malmgren, Economist, Politics and Policy Advisor

    Dr. Pippa Malmgren, Economist, Politics and Policy Advisor

    Today, my guest is Dr. Philippa “Pippa” Malmgren, a politics and policy advisor, who is the author of Signals: the breakdown of the social contract and the rise of geopolitics. Raised by a father who served in four presidential administrations (Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford), Pippa learned early in her career that the only way to influence public policy is to be able to explain things in plain, everyday language. Partially inspired by Peter Lynch‘s famous book on choosing stocks One up […]

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  • Drew Shoals, Drummer for Train Band

    Drew Shoals, Drummer for Train Band

    Today, with the help of my 12 year old daughter Emma, we interview Drew Shoals*, the drummer for the Grammy Award winning band, Train.  Drew had previously played with the lead singer of Train, Pat Monahan, prior to going to law school.  Despite having a successful legal career at Shearman & Sterling, when he got the call to join the band, he couldn’t say no! *with special thanks to Michael Dorf Listen to an interview I did with @HsuUntied where I talk […]

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  • David Lat, Founder of “Above the Law”

    David Lat, Founder of “Above the Law”

    Today, my guest is David Lat, a Yale Law School alum, former Ninth Circuit clerk, Wachtell Associate and Founder and Managing Editor of “Above the Law,” a widely read and award-winning website covering the legal profession. When I spoke with David late last year, he had just published his first novel, Supreme Ambitions, which allowed him to combine his creative writing skills with his circuit court clerking experience. Although he hasn’t committed to writing a second book, the first one […]

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  • Mark Lemley (Stanford Law School) and Video Games

    Mark Lemley (Stanford Law School) and Video Games

    Today, my guest is Stanford Law School Professor Mark Lemley  (who is also a Partner at Durie Tangri and Founder of Lex Machina (aquired by Lexis Nexis)) who talks about playing video games.  As a full-time professor, law firm partner and a founder of a startup, one would think Mark wouldn’t have time for something like video games.  But his hobby is a throwback to his childhood days of playing Dungeons & Dragons and an activity that allows him to completely forget about work — something we […]

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  • Robert J. Lang, Origami Master

    Robert J. Lang, Origami Master

    Today, my guest is Roberg J. Lang, an origami master who is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading masters of the art, with over 500 designs catalogued and diagrammed.  A distinguished Caltech alumi, he started his career as a laser physicist before pursuing a lifelong hobby of origami as a full time profession.  A TED speaker, he is noted for designs of great detail and realism, and has folded some of the most complex origami designs ever created.  The barrel cactus pictured here […]

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  • Randy Schoenberg and “Woman in Gold” movie

    Randy Schoenberg and “Woman in Gold” movie

    Today, my guest is Randy Schoenberg, an attorney who specializes in legal cases related to the recovery of looted or stolen artworks.  Randy is widely known for representing Maria Altmann in her lawsuit to recover paintings from the government of Austria.  Their story was made into a critically acclaimed movie Woman in Gold, in which Randy was depicted by Ryan Reynolds and Maria Altmann was portrayed by Oscar Winning Actress Helen Mirren. A long and arduous case that took nearly […]

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  • Nicholas Carlisle, Founder & CEO of No Bully

    Nicholas Carlisle, Founder & CEO of No Bully

    Today, my guest is Nicholas Carlisle*, a former lawyer and Founder and CEO of No Bully, a non-profit focused on stopping childhood bullying and cyberbullying.  A graduate from Oxford University and former chairman of the non-profit section with Amnesty International, Nicholas left the practice of law to get a Ph.D. in psychology where he started studying the effects of school bullying.  Nicholas gave a TEDx talk (see video below) on bullying in 2015 and is now a speaker and commentator on school bullying […]

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  • Tae Hea Nahm, Founding Partner at Storm Ventures

    Tae Hea Nahm, Founding Partner at Storm Ventures

    Today, my guest is Tae Hea Nahm, former partner at Wilson Sonsini and Venture Law Group, and one of the founding Managing Directors at Storm Ventures.  Going from a law firm partner to a venture capitalist is not an easy transition and Tae Hea’s success is largely attributable to his deep understanding of technology and careful decision-making.  He was recently interviewed by the New York Times and he shares his wisdom working with entrepreneurs on his blog Working with Tae Hea Nahm. […]

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  • Doug Leeds, President & CEO of Ask.com

    Doug Leeds, President & CEO of Ask.com

    Today, my guest is Doug Leeds*, President & CEO of Ask.com.  After starting his career as a lawyer, Doug became an entrepreneur and then worked at a number of Internet search engine companies, including Overture and then Yahoo! (after acquiring Overture) before joining Ask Jeeves.  Doug credits Jim Lanzone (also a former lawyer) for hiring Doug in a business role which ultimately led to Doug’s current position as President & CEO. *with special thanks to David Hornik

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  • Dr. Harrison Dillon, Founder of Solazyme

    Dr. Harrison Dillon, Founder of Solazyme

    Today, my guest is Dr. Harrison Dillon, founder of Solazyme.  Harrison always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur so even while he was at Duke Law School, he took biology classes to learn everything he could about algae genetics and got credit for it in the law school.  Harrison and I were colleagues at Townsend LLP (now Kilpatrick Townsend) so it was a privilege to know him before he become a successful entrepreneur!  Since the interview, Harrison has co-founded and is currently Chairman […]

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  • Michelle Dennedy (Intel) and Runway Fashion Model

    Michelle Dennedy (Intel) and Runway Fashion Model

    Today, my guest is Michelle Dennedy, Chief Privacy Officer at McAfee (division of Intel Security), who was invited to represent McAfee Online Safety for Kids and The Identity Project as a runway fashion model for The Moms Struts for a Cause at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion week in New York City.  Michelle shares a surreal experience of being a fashion model for a day with hair extensions, 5-inch heels and the NY Knicks but at the end of it all, it was to support […]

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  • Ayelette Robinson, Actress

    Ayelette Robinson, Actress

    Today, my guest is Ayelette Robinson*, a former corporate lawyer turned actress. A Meisner-trained actor who has appeared in a variety of films as well as on TV, Ayelette is also an experienced competitive Latin ballroom dancer, having won the National Championship title in International Latin in 2011 and having placed 5th in the World finals that year.  Ayelette originally took acting lessons as a way to improve her ballroom dancing but once she started, she became hooked on acting.  Her theatrical reel is posted […]

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  • Harold J. McGee, Food Scientist

    Harold J. McGee, Food Scientist

    Today, my guest is Harold McGee, a food scientist who writes about the chemistry and history of food, science and cooking.  A distinguished Caltech alum, he earned his Ph.D. from Yale University before becoming a food science writer.  After writing his first book On Food and Cooking in 1984, it was extensively revised in 2004.  Today, he writes a regular column for the New York Times which examines, and often debunks, conventional kitchen wisdom; and also teaches at The French Culinary Institute in New York […]

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  • Liz Stone (Dubin Group) and Standup Comedy

    Liz Stone (Dubin Group) and Standup Comedy

    Today, my guest is Liz Stone, a legal recruiter with the Dubin Group, who is also a standup comedienne.  Liz actually started doing “stand-up” after a couple of friends noticed her performing a wedding speech and after doing many “open mics,” she now performs at clubs like the San Francisco Punchline and Cobbs Comedy Club.  Although she enjoys what she currently does, she admits there is nothing more exhilarating — or terrifying — than trying to make an audience laugh. You can […]

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  • Ro Khanna, Congressional Candidate

    Ro Khanna, Congressional Candidate

    Today, my guest is Ro Khanna*, Congressional Candidate for the US House of Representatives in Silicon Valley.  With a law degree from Yale, Ro began his career as a successful Silicon Valley technology attorney but has found his passion in politics and policy, having written Entrepreneurial Nation and served in the Obama Administration. Ro took time from his very busy campaign schedule to talk candidly about his career and his current run for Congress. *with special thanks to Chad Walsh I had […]

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  • Keith Wetmore (MoFo) and Funeral Homes

    Keith Wetmore (MoFo) and Funeral Homes

    Today, my guest is Keith Wetmore, former Chairman of Morrison and Foerster, who grew up working in his family-owned funeral home business.  I have known Keith for many years and in this candid conversation, we talked about death, the television show Six Feet Under and how everything he learned about being a service provider in the legal profession, he learned from working in the funeral home business. A link to the podcast of my conversation with the very gracious Richard Hsu. @HsuUntied […]

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  • James E. Mitchell, Hedge Fund Manager and Value Investor

    James E. Mitchell, Hedge Fund Manager and Value Investor

    Today, my guest is James E. Mitchell, General Partner of Mitchell Partners, a value fund located in Costa Mesa, California which is focused on thinly traded stocks listed on the Pink Sheets.  Despite graduating from Stanford Law School and becoming the General Counsel of Century 21 Real Estate Corporation, a company which he helped incorporate, Jim’s passion has always been in picking stocks.  He bought his first stock at the age of 12 after selling newspaper subscriptions door-to-door and bought Berkshire Hathaway for under $300 per share […]

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  • Bart Lee (Mediator) and Ham Radio Operator

    Bart Lee (Mediator) and Ham Radio Operator

    Today, my guest is Bart Lee*, a mediator and litigator, who some might call the “godfather of ham radio.”  Bart was in 5th grade when his father brought home a book on how to build a ham radio using a pencil, a razor blade and some wire.  A noted wireless historian, he is a History Fellow at the California Historical Radio Society and was recently honored for his “historic preservation, research and publication.”  Over his lifetime, Bart has contacted hundreds, if not thousands, […]

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