Leigh Steinberg, Professional Sports Agent

leigh StienbergToday, my guest is Leigh Steinberg, a legendary sports agent and lawyer, who has represented many of the most successful athletes in professional sports, including the #1 overall pick in the NFL draft 8 times as well as over 60 first round picks. 51KBVJ813VL._SY445_During his career, Leigh has secured over $3 billion for his 300+ pro athlete clients and directed more than $750 million to various charities, receiving commendations from Congress, cities, states and Presidents Reagan, Bush and Clinton. Leigh’s historic career was portrayed in the Oscar winning film Jerry Maguire, starring Academy Award winner Tom Cruise and his best-selling book, Winning with Integrity, provides insight on how to improve life through non-confrontational negotiation. Leigh’s most recent book, The Agent: My 40-Year Career of Making Deals and Changing the Game, details his decades in the sports industry and sheds light on his personal comeback.

leigh steinberg and books

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