James E. Mitchell, Hedge Fund Manager and Value Investor

IMG_0245 croppedToday, my guest is James E. Mitchell, General Partner of Mitchell Partners, a value fund located in Costa Mesa, California which is focused on thinly traded stocks listed on the Pink Sheets.  Despite graduating from Stanford Law School and becoming the General Counsel of Century 21 Real Estate Corporation, a company which he helped incorporate, Jim’s passion has always been in picking stocks.  He bought his first stock at the age of 12 after selling newspaper subscriptions door-to-door and bought Berkshire Hathaway for under $300 per share after reading about Warren Buffett in The Money Masters, by John Train.  CaptureSince forming Mitchell Partners in 1979, Mitchell Partners has averaged over 12% annual return and his fund has been recognized in the Los Angeles Times and Forbes Magazine.  His son, Bill Mitchell, has now started his own hedge fund after publishing the wildly successful Spinoff and Reorg Profiles for over a decade.


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