Jia Jiang, TED Speaker on “Rejection Therapy”

Today, my guest is Jia Jiang, a TED speaker and Founder of Rejection Therapy, a website that provides inspiration, knowledge and products for people to overcome their fear of rejection. Several years after Jiang began his career in the corporate world, he stepped into the unknown world of entrepreneurship and discovered everyone’s biggest fear: rejection. To conquer the fear of rejection, Jiang embarked on a personal quest and started a blog, 100 Days of Rejection Therapy where his journey revealed a world that was hidden in plain sight — a world where people are much kinder than we imagine. Since then, he has become a motivational TED Speaker and given numerous talks, including a Google Talk, and he is currently the he CEO of Wuju Learning, a company that teaches people and trains organizations to become fearless through rejection training.  In 2015, he authored a bestselling book, Rejection Proof: How I Beat Fear and Became Invincible Through 100 Days of Rejection. It was a distinct pleasure to sit down with him at his offices in Silicon Valley.


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