Gillian Zoe Segal, Author of “Getting There”

buffet segal croppeToday, my guest is Gilian Zoe Segal*, author of the terrific book Getting There, a compilation of 30 incredible interviews.  Gillian originally started this project because she wanted to interview people at the top of their fields who struggled to achieve their success but what she discovered was that every success story has its challenges — there is no easy path.  CO6EZLwW8AAa5q6An incredibly skilled interviewer and accomplished photographer in her own right, Gillian traveled across the country to interview all 30 people in person and took her own pictures of them in order to get an intimate and candid look at their stories.  Here is the list of her incredible guests:

*with special thanks to Guy Spier



Warren BuffettKathy IrelandFrank GehryDavid BoiesIan SchragerAnderson CooperLeslie MoonvesWendy KoppGraydon CarterMarina AbromovicLaird HamiltonRachel ZoeJ. Craig VenterJohn Paul DejoriaJeff KoonsTom ScottMuhammad YunusStacey SniderHelene GayleMatthew WeinerJeff KinneyCraig Newmark
Nitin Nohria
Jillian MichaelsSarah BlakelyGary HirshbergHans ZimmerDaniel BouludJim KochMichael Bloomberg



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