Geoffrey Moore, Author of “Crossing the Chasm”

speaker-geoffrey-mooreToday, my guest is Geoffrey Moore, an author, speaker, and advisor who wrote the groundbreaking book Crossing the Chasm in 1991.  y648Since then, Geoff’s other best selling business books include Zone to Win, Escape Velocity, Inside the Tornado, The Gorilla Game, Living on the Faultline and Dealing with Darwin.  Geoff began his management consulting career at Regis McKenna Inc, and then started 3 firms: The Chasm Group, Chasm Institute and TCG Advisors. Today, he splits his time as a Venture Partner with Mohr Davidow Ventures and Wildcat Venture Partners and established high-tech companies, including Salesforce, Microsoft, Intel, Box, Aruba, Cognizant, and Rackspace.


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