After I developed a series of videos with my (then) 13-year old daughter Maya on HsuTube.com, I decided to launch a podcast series entitled HsuUntied.com where I interview lawyers and their side hobbies.

So what gave you the idea of starting Hsu Untied? 

As my wife said to me at the time I made those videos, “it’s too bad your daughter can’t be 13 forever” and my daughter, who is now 15, wanted to retire (laughter).  More seriously, I was originally inspired by my former Venture Law Group colleague, David Hornik, who is now a venture capitalist at August Capital who has a podcast series called VentureCast.

So what is the idea behind Hsu Untied?

It’s pretty much what the title says.  I interview lawyers with interesting side hobbies as an opportunity to show the human side behind lawyers and the legal profession.

How did you get the name Hsu Untied?

It’s a great name as it is play on my last name, which is pronounced “shoe” and I got it from Steve Cecil, who is probably one of the best naming professionals in the world.  He’s been written up in Forbes magazine and he is someone I have known for many years.  When I told him about the project, he generously gave his time and came up with about half a dozen names.  I liked “Hsu Untied” the best and my daughter who did the videos, drew the logo that goes with the series.

Why not do it as video instead of audio?

It’s a good question and a lot of people have asked me that.  The main reason is that the production of audio is so much easier than video.  I can do the recording in less than 30 minutes, it takes no time to set up and all I need are 2 microphones and a PC.

Why are you doing this?

Right now, I’m just really having fun doing it but what I really enjoy is that people I interview really have a good time talking about their hobbies.  When someone is passionate about a hobby, I find they naturally have a good time talking about it.


About Hsu Untied

Hsu Untied is a podcast series of interviews Richard Hsu does with lawyers and other special guests.