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  • Mark Cuban, Shark Tank Investor, Entrepreneur

    Mark Cuban, Shark Tank Investor, Entrepreneur

    Today, my guest is Mark Cuban, technology entrepreneur, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, investor on Shark Tank and Founder & CEO of Cyber Dust.  Cyber Dust is a mobile app which allows person-to-person communication without any track record or history, thereby creating a safe and secure environment for honest and personal communication.  Mark took time from his extremely busy schedule to talk about his creation and the widespread adoption of this terrific product.

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  • Kevin O’Leary (aka “Mr. Wonderful”), Shark Tank Host

    Kevin O’Leary (aka “Mr. Wonderful”), Shark Tank Host

    Today, my guest is Kevin O’Leary (aka “Mr. Wonderful”), the Co-Host of Shark Tank,  Entrepreneur and Investor.  In 1993, he launched The Learning Company, which developed software that helped kids with reading and math. Six years later, he sold it to Mattel for 3.7 billion dollars, one of the largest tech deals in Canadian history. As an “Eco-preneur,” Kevin specializes in investments that make money–and are environmentally friendly. In 2003, he co-founded Storage Now, Canada’s leading developer of climate controlled storage […]

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  • Phil Rosenthal, TV Producer and Writer

    Phil Rosenthal, TV Producer and Writer

    Today, my guest is Phil Rosenthal, a television writer and producer who is best known as the creator, writer, and executive producer of the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, whom I met at a live event at The Battery in San Francisco. In 1995, Phil created the hit CBS comedy, Everybody Loves Raymond and was the Showrunner/Executive Producer for all nine years of the show’s very successful run, which ended in 2005. During its original run, Everybody Loves Raymond was nominated for over 70 Emmy awards, and won 15 awards, including two […]

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  • Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch (Caroll Spinney)

    Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch (Caroll Spinney)

    Today, my guest is Caroll Spinney, who has performed Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street since the show’s inception in 1969, after meeting Jim Henson, the creator of The Muppets.  Spinney has been honored with 4 Daytime Emmy Awards and 2 Grammy Awards and has received both a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Library of Congress’ Living Legend award.  Caroll Spinney is the author of The Wisdom of Big Bird and was the subject of the critically acclaimed […]

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  • Jeffrey Toobin, CNN Legal Analyst and Author

    Jeffrey Toobin, CNN Legal Analyst and Author

    Today, my guest is Jeffrey Toobin, Senior Legal Analyst at CNN, staff writer at the New Yorker and best selling author of The Run of His Life: The People v. O.J. Simpson; A Vast Conspiracy: the Real Story of the Sex Scandal that Nearly Brought Down a President; Too Close to Call: the Thirty-Six Day Battle to Decide the 2000 Election; The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court; The Oath: The Obama White House and the Supreme Court; and most recently, American Heiress: […]

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  • Ben Stein, Economist, TV Show Host, Comedian, Writer

    Ben Stein, Economist, TV Show Host, Comedian, Writer

    Today, my guest is Ben Stein, economist, movie actor, author, novelist, screenwriter, law school professor, television show host and comedian.  A graduate of Columbia University and Yale Law School, Ben never had any aspirations to be a lawyer; but instead stumbled into a series of jobs that ultimately led to him to serving in the Nixon and Ford administrations and achieving overnight fame in the iconic movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  Ben was kind enough to take time from his busy speaking […]

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  • Roy Firestone, Emmy Award winning Interviewer

    Roy Firestone, Emmy Award winning Interviewer

    Today, my guest is Roy Firestone, a seven-time Emmy Award-winning and seven-time cable ACE Award-winning host, interviewer, narrator, writer, and producer.  As the ground-breaking, original host of ESPN’s legendary Up Close, Up Close Classic and Up Close Primetime, Roy has interviewed more than 5,000 athletes, musicians, actors and political figures, as well as scores of writers and filmmakers. Critically acclaimed as a performer, monologist, humorist, musician and impressionist, Roy is one of the nation’s most sought after live corporate performers, keynote speakers and lecturers.  As an […]

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  • John Paul Dejoria, Billionaire Entrepreneur

    John Paul Dejoria, Billionaire Entrepreneur

    Today, my guest is John Paul DeJoria, a Greek-Italian-American billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist best known as a co-founder of the Paul Mitchell line of hair products and The Patrón Spirits Company.  He is the founder of numerous other companies and businesses, including Aubio Life Sciences, and has appeared as a celebrity guest investor on the hit television series Shark Tank.

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  • Jay Bilas, ESPN Broadcaster and Courtside Analyst

    Jay Bilas, ESPN Broadcaster and Courtside Analyst

    Today, my guest is Jay Bilas, an attorney at Moore & Van Allen who is also an Emmy nominated basketball analyst who provides courtside and studio commentary for ESPN and CBS Sports.  A four-year starter at Duke under Mike Krzyzewski, he helped lead Duke to the NCAA Final Four and National Championship Game.  After playing professional basketball, Jay went back to Duke as an assistant coach and won two National Championships while simultaneously attending Duke Law School.  Jay took time from […]

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  • David Pogue, Tech Reviewer at Yahoo! Finance

    David Pogue, Tech Reviewer at Yahoo! Finance

    Today, my guest is David Pogue, who is the tech critic for Yahoo! Finance after having spent 13 years as the personal-technology columnist for the New York Times. He’s also a monthly columnist for Scientific American and host of science shows on PBS’s NOVA and has been a correspondent for CBS Sunday Morning since 2002. With over 3 million books in print, David is also one of the world’s bestselling authors of for Dummies series. In 1999, he launched his own series of […]

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  • Scott McGrew, NBC News Anchor and Host of Press:Here

    Scott McGrew, NBC News Anchor and Host of Press:Here

    Today, my guest is Scott McGrew, NBC News Anchor and Host of Press:Here, a weekly roundtable featuring world class technology reporters in conversation with Silicon Valley CEOs.  Press:Here airs on NBC Bay Area Sunday mornings at 9am right after Meet the Press and joining Scott each week is a team of contributors including reporters from the BBC, Forbes, Fortune, Wired, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Dubbed as as “Meet the Press for Entrepreneurs,” the show is broadcast Sunday […]

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  • Scott Shafer, KQED Host and Reporter

    Scott Shafer, KQED Host and Reporter

    Today, my guest is Scott Shafer, Senior Editor of the California Politics and Government Desk at KQED, where he leads the editorial direction of a three-person team covering the state. Since joining KQED in 1998, Scott has covered stories for National Public Radio programs including All Things Considered, Morning Edition, Weekend Edition Saturday and Weekend Edition Sunday and most recently, he hosted The California Report’s 30-minute weekly news magazine. Scott has earned numerous awards for his political reporting and he was a member of the panel of […]

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  • Brad Meltzer, NYTimes Best Selling Author and TV Show Host

    Brad Meltzer, NYTimes Best Selling Author and TV Show Host

    Today my guest is Brad Meltzer, a New York Times best-selling author, host of the TV show Decoded and fellow Columbia Law School Alumni.  Brad’s first novel received 24 rejection letters before getting his next book, The Tenth Justice, published while he was still in law school.  But even with all his accomplishments, Brad never takes his success for granted and  reminds himself every day what it was like getting those rejection letters.  His latest book is The President’s Shadow.

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  • Bill Grundfest, TV Producer and Scriptwriter

    Bill Grundfest, TV Producer and Scriptwriter

    Today, my guest is Emmy Award nominee and Golden Globe Award winning writer-producer Bill Grundfest.  Among his many accomplishments, he was the co-producer (along with Paul Reiser), script writer, and supervising producer of the hit show Mad About You (which has recently been adapted for China by SONY Pictures TV), which went on to win a Golden Globe Award, a Peabody Award, receive five Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Comedy Series, and be chosen Best Quality Comedy by the Viewers for Quality […]

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  • Yul Kwon (Facebook) and Survivor Winner

    Yul Kwon (Facebook) and Survivor Winner

    Today, my guest is Yul Kwon*, Head of Privacy Program at Facebook.  Yul is most well known for being the winner of the CBS TV show Survivor but he has a number of incredible achievements: degrees from Stanford, Yale Law School, legislative assistant to Senator Lieberman, Second Circuit Law Clerk, McKinsey, Google, FCC, FBI, CNN — and all before the age of 40.  What’s even more incredible is that Yul self-classifies himself as an introvert — perhaps even a bit of […]

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  • Rodney Gilmore, ESPN College Football Analyst

    Rodney Gilmore, ESPN College Football Analyst

    Today, my guest is Rodney Gilmore, a college football analyst for ESPN and practicing lawyer at the law firm of Doty Barlow Britt & Thieman LLP.  He is a graduate of Stanford University, where he played football for three years under legendary Coach Bill Walsh, and received his JD from the University of California, Berkeley. While at Stanford, he was involved in The Play (see video below), a legendary last-second kickoff return by the University of California (“Cal”) Golden Bears to defeat Stanford in […]

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  • International Chef Ming Tsai and Family Reach

    International Chef Ming Tsai and Family Reach

    Today, my guest is Chef Ming Tsai, a world-renowned chef, owner of the famous Blue Ginger restaurant and host of the television show Simply Ming.  Despite his incredible success and international celebrity, what Ming finds most rewarding — after his family — is cooking for Family Reach, a national charity dedicated to providing direct financial support to families fighting cancer, where my daughter Maya has volunteered (see picture below).  As part of his role, Ming recently hosted a Cooking Live event on […]

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  • Len Elmore, Retired NBA Basketball Player

    Len Elmore, Retired NBA Basketball Player

    Today, my guest is Len Elmore, an All-American basketball player from 1971 to 1974 at the University of Maryland, who was a first round draft pick in both the American Basketball Association (ABA) and the National Basketball Association (NBA).  Over his ten-year career, he played for the Indiana Pacers, Kansas City Kings (presently Sacramento Kings), Milwaukee Bucks, New Jersey Nets and New York Knicks.  After retiring from professional basketball, Elmore received a J.D. from Harvard Law School in 1987 and began his law career […]

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  • Kelly Perdew and Apprentice 2 Winner

    Kelly Perdew and Apprentice 2 Winner

    Today, my guest is Kelly Perdew, entrepreneur, investor, advisor, author and winner of The Apprentice 2. A graduate of West Point and former Army Ranger, Kelly decided to start a company after law school and eventually won Season 2 of the television reality show “The Apprentice.” Even though he now works almost exclusively with startups as an investor and entrepreneur, he says not a day goes by where he doesn’t get a chance to use his law degree. Kelly Perdew and […]

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  • Randy Schoenberg and “Woman in Gold” movie

    Randy Schoenberg and “Woman in Gold” movie

    Today, my guest is Randy Schoenberg, an attorney who specializes in legal cases related to the recovery of looted or stolen artworks.  Randy is widely known for representing Maria Altmann in her lawsuit to recover paintings from the government of Austria.  Their story was made into a critically acclaimed movie Woman in Gold, in which Randy was depicted by Ryan Reynolds and Maria Altmann was portrayed by Oscar Winning Actress Helen Mirren. A long and arduous case that took nearly […]

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  • Ayelette Robinson, Actress

    Ayelette Robinson, Actress

    Today, my guest is Ayelette Robinson*, a former corporate lawyer turned actress. A Meisner-trained actor who has appeared in a variety of films as well as on TV, Ayelette is also an experienced competitive Latin ballroom dancer, having won the National Championship title in International Latin in 2011 and having placed 5th in the World finals that year.  Ayelette originally took acting lessons as a way to improve her ballroom dancing but once she started, she became hooked on acting.  Her theatrical reel is posted […]

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  • Saurabh Kikani and Miss India America

    Saurabh Kikani and Miss India America

    Today, my guest is Saurabh Kikani, a former lawyer turned scriptwriter and movie producer.  While he was attending law school, someone pointed out to him that he was way more interested in reading movie scripts than contracts so he began his film career with an internship on the movie The Namesake starring Kal Penn.  From there, he formed his own movie production company and his latest project is the critically-acclaimed movie Miss India America starring Hannah Simone and Tiya Sircar. Honored to have been featured on […]

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