Bill Henderson, Indiana University Law Professor

486350_w308Today, my guest is Bill Henderson, Professor of Law at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law.  In 2009, Professor introduced a a new first-year course in 2009 called The Legal Profession and since then, his scholarship has focused on empirical analysis of the legal profession and legal education. ffd84552af60bf8390fecd369831d055His published work includes articles in the North Carolina Law Review, Indiana Law Journal, Texas Law Review, Michigan Law Review, and Stanford Law Review. He is also a frequent commentator, author, and lecturer on trends in the legal profession, including patterns of lawyer mobility, the relationship between profitability and associate satisfaction, the economic geography of large law firms, and attrition rates of female and minority attorneys. In 2015, National Jurist magazine named him the most influential person in legal education and he is the author of Legal Evolution, an online publication that focuses on the changing legal industry.


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