Augustine Yee, CLO and Head of Corp Dev at Hoya Corp

Augustine yeeToday, my guest is Augustine Yee, Chief Legal Officer and Global Head of Corporate Development and Affairs at Hoya Corporation, who talks about recently taking a C-level role at a public Japanese multinational company leading legal, M&A/business development, venture capital investments and a number of other global functions for this highly diversified high tech and life sciences company.  hd_logoPrior to joining Hoya, Augustine was AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals’ Head of Asia Pacific Regional and Corporate Business Development where he was an expat based in Shanghai, China.  A musician, molecular biologist and attorney by training, he has held interesting and diverse commercial, corporate and legal/IP roles in the high-tech, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.  I have known Augustine since he began his private practice career as a patent litigation attorney at Lyon & Lyon in Los Angeles and a corporate securities lawyer at Pillsbury Winthrop in San Diego so it was a pleasure to catch up with him at his office in Singapore.


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