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  • Bill Burke (Shearman & Sterling) and Mountain Climbing

    Bill Burke (Shearman & Sterling) and Mountain Climbing

    Today, my guest is William Burke*, a retired partner from Shearman & Sterling.  After retiring at the age of 60, Bill climbed the tallest mountains on all 7 continents, including Mt. Everest twice and is the oldest American to reach the summit (both times)!  I was lucky enough to interview him while he was in Katmandu, Nepal just as he was completing his second climb of Everest from the North Face. You can read much more of his accomplishments at his […]

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  • Sean Patrick Butler (Cisco) and Ecological Living

    Sean Patrick Butler (Cisco) and Ecological Living

    Today, my guest is Sean Patrick Butler* who was General Counsel of Meraki (acquired by Cisco) and now Sr. Corporate Counsel at Cisco. Unlike most of us, Sean eschews the dense urban life of the Bay Area and has chosen to live in Sebastapol — about 2 hours north of San Francisco – where he can grow his own food, have his kids play in the mud, have wild animals walk through his backyard and as he puts it “see the […]

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  • Matt Goldberg (Service Source) and Oil Painting

    Matt Goldberg (Service Source) and Oil Painting

    Today, my guest is Matt Goldberg*, Vice President and General Counsel of Service Source.  Although he discovered his talent for art relatively late in life, he found he had a real gift and passion for painting.  Starting originally with oils, he has expanded to acrylics and now paints commissioned works for clients.  You see more of his work on Facebook or his website MLG Paintings. *With special thanks to Susan Tien

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  • Rich Mgrdechian (for Francis Scott Key), Founder of Madison Rising

    Rich Mgrdechian (for Francis Scott Key), Founder of Madison Rising

    Today, I invited Rich Mgrdechian, Founder and CEO of Madison Rising, to talk about one of our country’s most famous lawyers, Francis Scott Key, who wrote the lyrics to our National Anthem, The Star Spangled Banner.  In celebration of the National Anthem’s upcoming bicentennial on September 14, 2014, Madison Rising composed a modern-day “rock version” of the Star Spangled Banner, whose video below has received over 5 million hits!

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  • Geoff Brigham (Wikimedia) and Classical Flute

    Geoff Brigham (Wikimedia) and Classical Flute

    Today, my guest is Geoff Brigham, General Counsel of the Wikimedia Foundation, who is a trained classical musician. Geoff started playing the flute in high school and after getting into the prestigious Peabody Institute of Music at John Hopkins, quickly realized he was not going to have a career in music.  So he moved to Paris and made a living performing in the underground subways of Paris.  Eventually, he gave up being a classical musician and became a successful lawyer, […]

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  • Richard Russeth (Leprino Foods) and Street Photography

    Richard Russeth (Leprino Foods) and Street Photography

    Today, my guest is Richard Russeth*, Vice President of Corporate Affairs and General Counsel at Leprino Foods, who discusses his passion for photography.  Born deaf, Richard credits his disability for giving him the “eye” to appreciate the silence in photography.  He is a big believer that having a second dimension or “side hobby” helps to make one a better lawyer — something which I happen to wholeheartedly agree.  His first public exhibit was on September 19 at the Emerge Gallery […]

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  • Heather Meeker (O’Melveny) and Belly Dancing

    Heather Meeker (O’Melveny) and Belly Dancing

    Today, my guest is my long time and well respected legal colleague, Heather Meeker, whose hobby is belly dancing. Heather started belly dancing because she hated all forms of exercise, but she loves the fact that belly dancing combines music with an improvisational form of dancing. Drawing on her experience as trained musician (drums), she even brought and played the zills (finger cymbals) for me during the interview!

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  • Mark Meltzer (Intuitive Surgical) and Skydiving

    Mark Meltzer (Intuitive Surgical) and Skydiving

    Today, my guest is Mark Meltzer, Sr. Vice President and General Counsel of Intuitive Surgical. An electrical engineer by training, Mark describes the science of skydiving and how the thrill of skydiving never wears off, even after nearly 50 years and hundreds of jumps.  He does about 30 jumps a year and hopes to keep skydiving well into his 80’s! You can see one of his recent landings below:

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  • Darron Flagg (Intel) and Opera Singing

    Darron Flagg (Intel) and Opera Singing

    Today, my guest is Darron Flagg*, Senior Corporate Counsel at Intel Corp., who is also a semi-professional opera singer. His interest in opera was originally noticed by his grade school teacher on a field trip and has since become an accomplished opera singer while pursuing a very successful legal career.  Known as a bel canto tenor, the highest of tenors, Darron has performed with numerous opera companies, including the Oakland Opera Theatre and the San Francisco Opera. *with special thanks to […]

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  • Chris Leslie (Hitachi Data Systems) and Winemaking

    Chris Leslie (Hitachi Data Systems) and Winemaking

    Today, my guest is Chris Leslie, General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer of Hitachi Data Systems.  Chris decided to plant some grapes in his backyard in Livermore which now produces about 600 bottles of wine per year.  With his own label “Grip Fast,” he admits it’s not exactly Chateau Margaux or Caymus but he has learned a lot about both the science — and the art — of winemaking.

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  • Iain Cunningham (Apple) and Astronomy

    Iain Cunningham (Apple) and Astronomy

    Today, my guest is Iain Cunningham*, Senior Litigation Counsel at Apple Computer, who talks about his interest in astronomy.  Iain discusses both the theoretical and observational aspects of astronomy, which are actually 2 very different aspects of astronomy.  What struck me most about this hobby is that it is one that forces you to SLOW DOWN to the pace of nature and Iain was similarly patient in explaining this celestial hobby to a novice like myself. * with special thanks […]

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  • Riley Russell (Sony Playstation) and Magic

    Riley Russell (Sony Playstation) and Magic

    Today, my guest is Riley Russell*, Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel and Sr. Vice President of Corporate Development at Sony Playstation, who does magic as a hobby.  Riley has performed as a street magician on Pier 39 and is a member of The Magic Castle.  “Listen” to the twinkle in his eye as he talks about how the real magic in magic is in the performance. *with special thanks to Stephen Kong

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  • Wayne Brown (Quest Diagnostics) and Chess

    Wayne Brown (Quest Diagnostics) and Chess

    Today, my guest is Wayne Brown, Deputy General Counsel and Chief Intellectual Property Officer at Quest Diagnostics, who is a tournament chess player.  Wayne has a chess rating of “Expert” (top 5-10% of all tournament players) and has played competitive chess his entire life – in fact, he cannot remember a time when he did not know how to move the chess pieces.  Wayne discusses his lifelong passion for chess, including his favorite chess openings and how he started beating his dad when he […]

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  • Shane Glynn (Google) and Base Jumping

    Shane Glynn (Google) and Base Jumping

    Today, my guest is Shane Glynn*, Product Counsel at Google, who is a base jumper.  After learning how to parachute out of an airplane, he tried base jumping (which is the subject of an excellent documentary movie Sunshine Superman) off a bridge and instantly became hooked.  But despite the thrill of base jumping off cliffs with wingsuits and all, he decided to retire last year at the ripe old age of 36 and returned to the calm sport of skydiving! […]

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  • Michael Moore (Rambus) and Pheasant Hunting

    Michael Moore (Rambus) and Pheasant Hunting

    Today, my guest is Michael Moore*, Vice President of Intellectual Property and Deputy General Counsel at Rambus, who talks about pheasant hunting.  Originally from a rural part of Ireland, Michael finds hunting to be a pleasant way of enjoying the outdoors with his dogs.  Michael has also taken me to trap shooting and it is not as easy as it looks! *with special thanks to Alan Seem

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  • Robert Lattuga (LeapFrog) and Woodworking (Pilot)

    Robert Lattuga (LeapFrog) and Woodworking (Pilot)

    On my inaugural show, my guest is Robert Lattuga, Sr. Vice President and General Counsel of LeapFrog Enterprises. A former Harvard physics Ph.D. student, Robert shares his passion in woodworking, a hobby which requires the skills to operate large power tools as well as the dexterity of hand craftsmanship.

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