I would like to acknowledge the following individuals for their help with the production of this series: David Hornik of August Capital and host of VentureCast, who inspired me with the original idea; Adrian Lurrsen, Co-Founder of JDSupra, who believed in this idea even before I did; Steve Cecil, a brilliant Forbes-recognized professional brand namer, who generously gave his time to come up with the name Hsu (“shoe”) UntiedHarry Marks, my terrific audio and technical editor who is the host of his own podcast series Covered; and finally, my talented daughter Maya Hsu, who made the wonderful drawing of the logo.



About Hsu Untied

Hsu Untied was originally a podcast started by Richard Hsu for lawyers; but which eventually grew to include entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, best-selling authors, athletes, TED speakers and TV/movie celebrities.


Legal Speak Podcast

Logo (by Maya Hsu)